New KTM models released at Intermot 2016

Posted on October 4, 2016

KTM have their sights firmly set on the adventure market, with five new models released at Intermot today, based on the 1090 and 1290 machines.


1090 Adventure and Adventure R


The 1090 Adventure R is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything machine for riders who don’t want or need the extra weight and power of the 1290. With large rugged Continental tyres, spoked rims and fully adjustable suspension, the 1090 Adventure R will ensure you’re as comfortable off-road as you are on-road.


The 1090 Adventure is aimed at riders who will be doing most of their adventuring on tarmac. To this end, smaller road tyres are fitted, as well as a stylish black paint job. The smaller wheels mean a lower seat height too, just 850mm against the R’s 890mm.


1290 Super Adventure R, S and T


The 1290 is going to be KTM’s biggest, baddest adventure bike yet. With the same engine as the Super Duke, in an offroad chassis with 160bhp on offer, it’s available in three distinct flavours.


The R is the all-singing, all-dancing dual purpose on and off-road model, featuring LED cornering lights (controlled by the MSC lean angle sensor), tubeless spoked 21″ front and 18″ rear rims (featuring KTM’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to warn of pressure loss) and fully-adjustable suspension. In off-road mode, the front and rear ABS sytems can be turned off independently of each other. There’s also keyless ignition and cruise control, changeable on the new 6.5in TFT colour display.


The 1290 Super Adventure S is more aimed towards on-road riders, reflected in the smaller road tyres, lower seat height and the lack of orange crash bars. It retains the electronically-adjustable suspension, Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), multi-mode and lean-angle sensitive combined ABS though, making it a smart choice for KTM followers everywhere.


Finally, the 1290 Super Adventure T is aimed at the touring market, with all the luggage options of the other models, and a nice mix of the styling of the R and road-going capability of the S.