Knox Layering System

The KNOX Layering System – How it Works

The Knox layering system is a move away from wearing 1 bulky motorcycle jacket with everything inside, to a system that uses individual layers to give riders an improved riding experience and more PROTECTION, FLEXIBILITY AND STYLE.

More PROTECTION because by using a Knox armoured shirt, worn close to the body and separate to the outer jacket, ensures that armour is held in the right place in the event of a crash.

Wearing the protective body armour in a close fitting armoured, shirt, separate to the loose fitting outer jacket, will always offer better protection. It’s just like wearing a good fitting crash helmet.

More FLEXIBILITY because layering gives you choice to what you need for the ride that day rather than only having a solution. So you can now use layers to accommodate different weather and temperatures. All the Knox layers are made from technical materials that are designed to work and look great but are also lightweight and pack away easily. 

More STYLE. As this is a move away from 1 bulky bike jacket, with individual layers, you can get much better style. Each layer is designed to look great on the bike but also on its own so you look and feel better both on the ride and at the destination.

The Knox layering system consists of the following:-

  • A Base-layer that manages moisture and keeps the rider dry and comfortable
  • An Armoured Shirt where the protection is held close to the body so it stays in place,
  • A Mid-layer over the top for extra insulation and warmth if you need it.
Lastly; a choice of Outer Jacket, with the totally unique dual fit system, that allows you to increase or decrease the size of your outer jacket to match layers underneath.